Are your business-critical
technology assets protected?

Iron Mountain's technology escrow, software escrow, source code escrow and verification services specialists can help minimize risk and increase control for all parties involved in a technology agreement.

"I would definitely use technology escrow and verification services from Iron Mountain again. Considering our investment in the software, the cost to protect these assets is trivial."

- Roy Simmons,
Director of IT, Trans World Entertainment

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Safeguard your technology assets while enabling controlled access.

Our escrow services allow you to protect your valuable assets including:

mission-critical software, (whether "on-premises" or SaaS)
proprietary information or databases
plans, formulas, and designs that define products and services
embedded technology, including off-shore and outsourced

Iron Mountain is a trusted, neutral, third party whose intellectual property management solutions include:

Our software escrow and verification services protect the interests of:

Mitigate risk by assuring access to source code and other proprietary information needed to maintain your technology should your vendor go out of business or fail to offer support.

Technology Developers
Provide your customers with maintenance and support assurance so you can shorten sales cycles and maintain loyalty.

SaaS Subscribers
Safeguard the SaaS applications and data on which you depend in the event you encounter problems with the SaaS provider, experience significant outages, or have other service interruptions.

SaaS Providers
Shorten sales cycles and build trust with your prospects and customers by offering escrow assurance as part of your SaaS solutions, or by referring subscribers to Iron Mountain.

More than 40,000 organizations rely on Iron Mountain.

Worldwide, more than 40,000 organizations have stored their mission-critical software and intellectual property with Iron Mountain, including over 90 percent of the Fortune 500.

Iron Mountain offers:
A single point of contact for all your technology escrow needs
Solutions that protect both developers and licensees, as well as SaaS providers and subscribers alike
Comprehensive services easily tailored to your requirements
User-friendly service features such as electronic depositing and deposit verification
Consulting services to assist you in all aspects of the technology escrow process